We invite you to participate in one of most important and biggest regatta on Adriatic sea! More then 100 yacht on a beautiful route from Italian Brindisi to Greek island Corfu!

Regatta website: http://www.brindisi-corfu.com/

Regatta will be held on 6-8 June. We have at our disposal almost brand new Oceanis 45. With all necessary rigging for code zero and gennaker/asymmetric spinnaker.

Date of the cruise: 2-9 June 2018

Our plan
It will be our first project like this. The main goal is to find and connect some „crazy” people, from various countries, using different languages and give them a chance to learn and participate during professional offshore regatta.

We are taking yacht in Bar, Montenegro at 2nd of June. Then we sail directly to Brindisi, where at 6th of June regatta will start. After arrival at Gouvia marina in Corfu, we will join regatta after party! Our trip ends at 9th of June. Then yacht is going back to Montenegro with another crew. Of course you can join us also on the way back, we have huge discount for next week for you!

Do you want sail with us?
This time we have some minimal requirements, as we want to do our best and push our skills and experience to the limits.

1. Crew will be international, so onboard language will be English. To everybody feel comfortable, you should be able to easily keep conversation in English. Don`t know sailing slogan? Don’t worry, we are going there to learn!

2. You should have some sailing skills, to keep solo watches at all stations. Regatta experience is not required but very welcome.

3. Minimum 18 years old.

About the yacht:
Yacht has 10 places to sleep (4 double cabins and 2 places in the mess), and we want to use this advantage to keep 3 persons watches. Helmsman should`t be distracted during any maneuvers, so two extra persons on board are necessary all the time. So we are seeking for 9 crew members.

Stella was bought from a private owner and in 2018 she will have her first charter season!
Full specification and photos: https://www.yachtingadria.com/oceanis-45-stella.html

About the costs:
Price for participation in this trip is 499 EUR per person.
It includes:
– yacht charter
– skipper
– final cleaning
– bedding and gas bottles
– extra sails
regatta participation fee (includes 3 nights in Brindisi marina and 3 nights in Gouvia marina in Corfu, polo shirts for crew members and some gifts, cocktail party in Brindisi and in Gouvia after race, gps tracker)
– Greece transit log

Additional costs:
– transport to Bar, Montenegro and from Corfu
– provisions contribution and fuel (aprox. 10-20 EUR per day, per person)
– we recommend insurance covering extreme sports incl. also offshore regatta sailing

For more information and to sign up please contact via mail: filip@sailcamp.pl

We kindly inform, that we will respond only to selected applications due to keep a good „international ratio”.