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We invite you to participate in an amazing sailing Adventure! There is only one place on the world like this, and definitely, you should explore it once in your life! Let`s go to Azores Islands!

Date of the cruise:  1-15 September 2018

Our plan
It`s simple! Explore 7 of 9 islands of Azores in the best way – by comfortable sailing yacht. During two weeks of cruise, we are going to fully enjoy beauty of this haven on earth. Whales, dolphins and turtles are waiting in a deep blue warm (23-24 C) ocean for you!

We are taking yacht in Ponta Delgada at 1st of September in the early mornig. Due to mostly long time of travel, it`s possible to check-in at 31 of August in the evening. Check-out is at 15th of September also in Ponta Delgada at 1200.

Day 1 | Sailing to VILA FRANCA DO CAMPO, 12 Nm
First, we are going to make short and easy trip to old capital of São Miguel island. It is just 3h away from Ponta Delgada. We will spend day on enjoying old city architecture and walking to Furnas, geotermic lake on volcano slope.

Day 2 | Passage to VILA DO PORTO, 54 Nm
This, gonna be all day of sailing! With a little luck, we will have visitors! Ocean around Azores is full of large pelagic animals like whales, dolphins and turtles!

Days 3/4 | Visiting Santa Maria Island and passage to ANGRA DO HEROÍSMO, 145 Nm
Santa Maria is only non-vulcanic island on the archipelago. It keeps name of „Island of Sun”. We gonna see Barreiro da Faneca, known also as „Red Desert” because of color of rocks and clay. Next will be a time for rest in beutifull São Lourenço Bay, the most beutifull bay in Azores. At the end we will set sails and take a course onto Terceira island.

Day 5 | Angra do Heroismo
It is one of the oldest cities in Portugal. It`s also on the UNESCO list! Terceira island has also famous Algar do Carvão cave with a lake inside! One of the must see Azores points!

It is time for snorkeling, diving and fishing! Let`s enjoy sun and beautifull landscape of Graciosa island, which is also on the UNESCO list! The Santa Cruz village offer beautifull views, with tipical windmills!

Day 7 | Sailing to VELAS, 38 Nm
Another day of good sailing and maybe another visits of pelagic animals! We will sail between island, what gives opportunity to fully enjoy of unique landscapes of Azores!

Day 8 | Visit on SÃO JORGE island
Time to explore São Jorge Island with beautifull Calheta city and walk through volcanic clifs to take a closer look onto magma tongues. This island is full of small and beautifull lagoon for example: Santo Cristo, Cubres or Ouvidor.

Day 9| Short sail to HORTA, 22 Nm
Marina in Horta is a primary stop for yachts crossing the Atlantic, and its walls, and walkways are covered in paintings created by visitors who noted the names of their vessels, crews, and the years they visited. Peter’s Cafe Sport, which is located across from the marina and houses the island’s scrimshaw museum, a collection artifacts carved from whale tooth and jawbone, is a point of reference for trans-Atlantic yachtsmen and sailors.

Day 10 | Capelinhos volcano
Today we gonna make a trip to the large volcano – Capelinhos. With a 2000m x 400m crater, and dry lunar landscape, it an unforgeteble place. Last eruption has place in 1957!

Day 11 |  LAJES DO PICO, 21 Nm
Short saling to the next Island where the whale hunting buisness born! Next „must see” place is museum of Whalemen, which we gonna visit.

Trekking time! This island has a lot, a lot to offer, so we will stay here whole day, spending time on long walks along the island coastline!

Day 13 | Long passage to PONTA DELGADA, 130 Nm
We are going back to place where we started the cruise. But it is not the end! We still need to see famous double-lake Sete Cidades, and almost legendary Fogo lake!

Do you want sail with us?
There is no sailing requirements for this trip, skipper will teach you all necesery things. But be ready to keep watches and cooperate with a crew! We will have some good sailors work to do! Some night passages, some ocean waves and also maintain the yacht daily routine.

About the yacht:
It`s a Delphia 40 from 2006r. On almost 12m of boat, we have fully equiped kitchen, mess, 3 cabins, two bathrooms with showers. Hot water, heating system, full navigation and safty equippment. Yacht has 7 places to sleep (3 double cabins and 1 places in the mess for skipper).

About the costs:
Price for participation in this trip is 649 EUR per person.
It includes:
– yacht charter
– skipper
– bedding and gas bottles

Additional costs:
– transport to Ponta Delgada on Azores (we are helping to find proper flights)
– provisions contribution, port fees and fuel (aprox. 10-20 EUR per day, per person)
– we recommend insurance covering extreme sports incl. also offshore sailing

For more information and to sign up please contact via mail: filip@sailcamp.pl